Day 4

Plant based Sauces and Specialty Sauces.

Theresa tried to show us how to roast coffee beans.  No, roasted coffee beans are not a mother sauce.  That's ok though.  They are pretty interesting.  The roaster didn't like the power supply at MKOKC, unfortunately, so it didn't work.  We may field trip out to her place to see the beans in action later in the month.

Today we made a Thai salad and a green curry.

This salad is amazing.  It has coconut meat noodles and pineapple in it.  The dressing is a creamy sesame which is the perfect combination for the pineapple.  The noodles are soft and contrast perfectly with the curried cashews.  I wish I had thrown in a handful of cilantro.  I used it for garnish, but it would have been a perfect addition throughout.

The green curry was not my favorite.  I like the technique, but not so much the curry spice.  We used kelp noodles along with coconut noodles and spiralized squash.  Summer squash is in season and delicious right now.

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