Day 2

Day 2 was Vegetable sauce. 

We made a simple veggie stock using juiced carrot, celery and tomato.  We dehydrated our our sauces to thicken them.  Then we used them to make an amazing modern take on miso soup.  It was incredible.  The soup has chopped avocado, tomato, macadamia nuts and pine nuts in it.  

We made and plated our beet gnocchi.  Both cream sauces were amazing.  We made a quick parsley gremolata with lemon zest to add brightness to the heaviness of the cream and root veggies.  We made two different shaped gnocchi.  I like the smaller traditional shapes.

We did other things that I didn't take pictures of and can't remember.  I think we made curried cashews to dehydrate...maybe.

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