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Flower Showers


Climbing Trees 

Flipping backwards out of a swing

Flower Baths

Flower Pipes

Tire Swings

Flowers in my Hair



Norman, OK

If you go to OKC, visit Norman too.  It has lots of fun little shops:

Elusive is a vintage clothing store.  It is amazing.  If I lived in Oklahoma, I would be here every day.  I would probably try to get a job here.  As a plus, it doesn't smell like antique/vintage stores normally smell.  The owners are so sweet.  Also, if you see Elly's scarf there, we think she may have left it.  Please mail it to us.

Of course, go to Native Roots.

And Campus TV.  I bought a harmonica and two Jew Harps.  Plus, Jack lives there!


You want to go to here

Two more places you neeeeeeeeed to visit if you go to Oklahoma City:

Red Cup (Visit for the atmosphere, the food was nothing to write home about).  Though, to be fair, I only tried one thing.  It was a veggie sandwich.  It just didn't have much veggie to it.  It was disappointing.  The people are awesome though.  It felt like my hang out the minute I sat down.

And in Norman, The Earth Cafe & Deli (The Messy Mary is amazing!).  We all looooooved our food there.  Very yummy.  The coffee was pretty good too.  Well worth a visit. 


Matt Burch

We called you on Mother's Day to wish you a Happy Mothers Day.  But you never called us back.



Don't you hate it when people overuse exclamation points?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me too!

Our Finals went really well.  And might I say, I nailed it.  Well, 2/3 nailed it.  My appetizer was a little bit weak.  I didn't have any ideas.   I wanted my entire meal to flow.  Here was my idea. 

Start with a Melon ap which leads into a BBQ entree and finishes with Vanilla Ice Cream for dessert.  It sounds good...but was it?

Yes, it was.

Spring Melon Trio:
Asparagus wrapped in Savignon Blanc Cantaloupe with Lime Zest
Melon, Dill, Chia Seed Soup
Two cheeses: Sumac and Balsamic Lime cheese

The ap needed more time for recipe testing.  It was a good idea, but not the best execution.  However, my entree was awesome.

I did an Open faced "Pulled Enoki" sandwich in a Sweet BBQ sauce with caramelized onions, arugula and House made Pickles.  It was served with cheesy asparagus spears.

My dessert, which I will apologize for now, was not photographed.  Why didn't I photograph it?  What is wrong with me?  I don't know.  I'm sorry, imagine it if you will:
Vanilla Bean Pecan Ice Cream in an Espresso bath with candied pecans and shaved chocolate.  It was so damn good.  I will make it for you if you come over to my house.  It was delicious.  People talked about it.  That's how good it was.

People talked about my ice cream and my pickles.  Wtf? (Also, please just read this as W-T-F.  It doesn't stand for anything.  It has become it's own exclamation.)  The pickles?  I didn't think they were that amazing.

The other girls:
Britanny made Cheese stuffed Sweet Peppers, Cauliflower Rice(which was amazing) and Grilled Veggie Enchiladas.  Her dessert was Chocolate Orange pudding.

Danae made Sauteed Maitake and Lions Mane dipped in butter, a Cheese Tartlet with Heirloom Tomatoes and Beet and Kale Chips with a tangy Yogurt sauce.  Her main was a Fillet of Coconut on Sea Vegetables in a Caper Pesto with Marinated Veggies.  Her dessert was Strawberry Champagne Sorbet with Cream filled Raspberries.

Elly made a Cheese Stuffed Heirloom Tomato, and two kinds of Wrapped Vegetables.  One was heartier: Roasted Bell Pepper and Mushrooms in a Zucchini wrap, the other lighter: Sprouts and Springs Peas in a Summer Squash Wrap.  Her Main was a Mixed Greens salad in a citrus dressing with Fresh Asparagus and her to die for dessert was a Vanilla Bean Strawberry Tart.  It was seriously amazing.  Amazing.  It had a Shortbread Crust.

Needless to say, we all graduated with flying colors.  yay us!

New York

New York
I came home to you!