Day 3

Today we got to use the smoking gun.  It is an awesome piece of equipment.  We made some tofu last week using coconut, irish moss and cashews.  Today we smoked it.  We also smoked some shiitake.

The smoking gun is just what it sounds like.  It is a gun shaped device that uses wood chips to create smoke.  It blows the smoke through a rubber hose.  It smells like campfire.  The tofu smelled a bit like the irish moss which is a seaweed.  It made me think of my grandma's house.  She lives on a lake in Northwestern Montana.  Mmm.  Good smells.

We used the shiitake to make sushi.  It was amazing.  The rice is made from jicama.  We then made Pho with the tofu.  I have never had Pho.  Some of the other students said it didn't taste much like cooked Pho.  I would imagine that's a hard flavor to recreate raw since it is usually a meat broth base.

Despite not tasting original, it was a delicious soup.  I didn't love the tofu.

And for dessert...apple pear cumble with almond gelato.  MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.  This was delicious.  Just like a cooked homemade apple crsip.  It is serious flavor.  Love this dish.

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