Compost #2

Estimated weight: 20-25lbs.  Need to get a scale.


Park Slope CSA

Yay!!!!!!!!!  Today was the first day of our CSA.  CSA stands for Community Shared Agriculture.  That means that a farmer grows food for a certain number of people (people who sign up for a share).  Once the produce has been grown, it is picked and then trucked to our neighborhood.  (And it happens the same day, it doesn't get picked and then shipped to a large refrigerator where it sits for weeks before even making it to the grocery store.)  We go (on that same day) and pick up our share of what the farmer grew.  Cool huh?  We have an every other week share in fruit, veg and flowers.  It has been very wet here lately, so we got a lot of greens, but no flowers.  The greens are all really exciting.

We got Beets, Radishes, Arugula, Kale, Romaine Lettuce, Spinach, Scallions, Garlic Scapes and (our fruit share) Strawberries.  The quality is amazing.  What a difference fresh food makes.

Tonight I made a variation on a salad I have been really loving this summer.  Usually it is shaved Asparagus, Quinoa, Spring Onions, grated Parmesan with a little Lemon Juice, Olive Oil and Salt.  Delicious!  Tonight I added my CSA Lettuce, (used my CSA Scallions), CSA Radishes, Avocado and Maitake.  It was super yummy.

Sorry for the poor picture.


Compost and Herbs!

Aren't you excited?   I started this years herb garden.  I am excited.  This year I am doing Oregano, Thyme, Shiso, Rosemary, Basil, Chives and Peppermint and Aloe.  (The Aloe is a couple years old.)  I just transplanted a few yesterday, so we will see how they take.  The peppermint had ants, lots of them.  I do this a lot, where I get a plant home and THEN realize it has bugs.  I always forget to look when I buy.  Anywho, I asked my mom what I should do and she said I would have to throw it out.  Otherwise I would have an apartment full of ants.  But I didn't take "wasn't optimistic it could be done" for an answer.  So, I drowned them.  I filled a bucket full of water and stuck the plant inside.  I will let you know how it does.  I haven't seen any ants since the massacre.

Also, this summer we have decided to compost.  I am damn excited about it.  Since we live in a tiny apartment, that means we will be freezing all our scraps and then once a week dropping them off at the farmer's market.  I am hoping to start weighing our compost, to see just how much waste we are avoiding by turning it into soil.   This is very exciting to me.  I want to start a composting company here in Brooklyn.  This one is in Manhattan near the East River.  I hope to get more involved in another month or so.  Cheers!


The Bees Knees

Matt and i saw the coolest movie yesterday.


Did you even watch the trailer?

Come on.  Don't be a dick.  I tried to make the video watchable from my blog, but I don't know how.  I am a wee bit blogger illiterate.  Go back and watch the trailer.   Gees.

Go see Queen of the Sun.  It is amazing.

The reason I haven't been writing is because I was going to start writing about our super cool CSA share.  But the spring rains caused the farmers to plant late and our first CSA pick up has been moved to the 23rd.  It was supposed to be the 7th.  So, you don't get to hear about cool NY produce until late o'clock.  Sorry sucka.

As an apologie I offer you this.  Pictures of cool Oklahoma City Stuff.  Mostly signs.

New York

New York
I came home to you!